Picture Books

Mummy Wears a Mask
A virus arrives in Monstertown and Mayor Mummy tells everyone they should wear masks. But the other monsters aren’t so sure they want to. Will Mummy be able to convince them? 
Kids and adults can enjoy this silly series of mishaps the monsters have with masks…and learn why they are asked to wear them right now. With the Coronavirus/COVID 19 pandemic, mask use is important and often times required.

Werewolf Howls at Home

When a virus arrives in Monstertown, everyone must stay inside. But Werewolf longs to run free and howl under the moonlight with his pack. He’s never been so frustrated or bored. How can a pack animal like him be happy howling at home? 
A sometimes silly, largely lyrical story about confinement, social distancing, and the sense of community that can occur even when we aren’t physically together. The Coronavirus/COVID 19 pandemic has changed how we interact, but it can’t keep us apart! 

Witch Washes Her Hands

A virus is in Monstertown and Witch wants to find the right spell to make it go away for good. But it’s tricky to make a virus vanish! Luckily, Witch’s friend Cat knows the best magic to use…and it’s not magic at all! 
Say a spell, learn a song…and use soap. A fun series of rhymes dedicated to keeping healthy by washing hands. Relevant during the Coronavirus/COVID 19 pandemic, but also in everyday life! 

Zombie Covers His Coughs

When Zombie catches a sniffly, snuffly virus, he doesn’t want to give it to his friends. But it’s hard to cover his coughs and sneezes when his body parts keep falling off! Can Worm help Zombie figure out how to hold it together and stop spreading the virus, too? 
Kids of all ages can enjoy this silly, slightly irreverent how-to on covering coughs and sneezes. Relevant during the Coronavirus/COVID 19 pandemic, but also any time a child has a cold or flu!